Term Definition

Sustainability Science

Sustainability science is a field of study that emerged in the early 2000s. In an article for the journal Science, Robert Kates et al. describe sustainability science as a field “that seeks to understand the fundamental character of interactions between nature and society. Such an understanding must encompass the interaction of global processes with the ecological and social characteristics of particular places and sectors.”

Environmental Communication

Environmental communication is a sub-field of ecological studies. This area of inquiry studies how humans participate and communicate in environmental systems. In an introduction to the topic, Mark Meisner of the International Environmental Communication Association explains, as with other forms of communication, environmental communication is both an activity/phenomenon and a field of study that, not surprisingly, studies the activity/phenomenon.

Transmedia Storytelling

Transmedia storytelling describes rich media environments in which the "reader" has a role in creating the experience and can choose how to make their way through the story. A key element of this process is engagement between the user and the media elements, something that hopefully leads to increased public participation as well.